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CAS 13647-35-3 Anti Estrogen Steroids Trilostane , Breast Cancer Treatment Steroids

CAS 13647-35-3 Anti Estrogen Steroids Trilostane , Breast Cancer Treatment Steroids

  • CAS 13647-35-3 Anti Estrogen Steroids Trilostane , Breast Cancer Treatment Steroids
  • CAS 13647-35-3 Anti Estrogen Steroids Trilostane , Breast Cancer Treatment Steroids
CAS 13647-35-3 Anti Estrogen Steroids Trilostane , Breast Cancer Treatment Steroids
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Certification: ISO,SGS
Model Number: 13647-35-3
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Trilostane Synonyms: Modrenal
CAS: 13647-35-3 EINECS: 237-133-0
MF: C20H27NO3 MW: 329.43
Appearance: Tan Crystals Assay: 99% Min
High Light:

anti estrogen drugs


natural anti estrogen

Anti-Estrogen Steroid Raw Powder Trilostane For Breast Cancer Treatment CAS 13647-35-3



1. Trilostane  Description:


Synonyms: (2-alpha,4-alpha,5-alpha,17-beta)-4,5-epoxy-17-hydroxy-3-oxoandrostane-2-car;17-beta)-ph;



CAS: 13647-35-3 
MF: C20H27NO3 
MW: 329.43 
EINECS: 237-133-0 
Product Categories: Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Steroids
Chemical Properties: Tan Crystals 
Usage: An inhibitor of steroid biosynthesis. Used as an adrenocortical suppressant. Used in the treatment

of breast cancer . antifungal, inhibits mitosis in metaphase .
Packing:1kg/foil bag or as  required


2. Trilostane  Usage:


Trilostane can suppress cortical hormone synthesis process of 3 beta dehydrogenase, make cortisol, aldosterone synthesis reduce, clinical used in the treatment of Cushing syndrome(cortisol increase disease) and primary aldosteronism,the effect is not good than testosterone metyrapone. This product has significantly reduced blood testosterone level role, may relevant to its inhibit synthetic.


3. Trilostane  Features:


Trilostane is an inhibitor of isoforms 3β-HSD and 3β-HSD2 of the enzyme 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, which plays a role in adrenal steroid biosynthesis. Investigators believe that Arg195 in 3β-HSD versus Pro195 in 3β-HSD2 attributes to the competitive inhibition of 3β-HSD, but not 3β-HSD2

by Trilostane. Research shows that trilostane is effective in suppressing the intracellular production oin LNCaP-FGC prostate cancer cells and inhibiting cortisol biosynthesis in the human adrenal gland. This product serves as a useful tool in steroid biosynthesis research.


4. Trilostane  Specifications:


Test Items


 Test Results


 white oralmost white,crystalline powder



 Freely soluble in water,practically insoluble or very slightly 

soluble in alcohol and in methylene chloride.




 The UV absorption spectrum of the sample shows 

an absorption maximum at 276nm.The specific 

absorbance at the Maximum is55 to 64.




 Infraed absorption spectrophotometry.




 Chromatogram obtained with test solution (b) is 

similar in position color & size to the principal spot in the 

chromatogram obtained with the reference solution.




 An orange-red color develop in methylene chloride layer.




 It geves reaction (a) of sulphates.


 Appearance of solution

 Solution S is clear and not more intensely coloured than 

reference solution in BY6.


 Optical rotation

 negative 0.10° to +0.10°determined on solution S.


 Acidity or alkalinity

 NMT 0.4ml of 0.01M HCL is required to change the color

 of the indicator to red.


 Related substances

 Impurity J ≤0.20%



 Any other impurity ≤0.30%



 Total impurity ≤1.0%





 Sulphated ash



 Loss on drying



 Assay(on dried basis)































CAS 13647-35-3 Anti Estrogen Steroids Trilostane , Breast Cancer Treatment Steroids 0


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